What a year of firsts and new beginnings! Though there were lockdowns in Ontario, the YA leadership team was quick on their feet regarding shifting socials, ya.nights, and other in-person/Zoom events. As restrictions have been lifted, the ministry has been taking all the significant parts of what YA was in the past before Covid and is en route to new beginnings.

Why we exist

We exist to create a community where young adults can connect together and experience the love of God!

young adults on average gathered each week for YA.nights.

Quick Highlights

Here are the various ways people participated and experienced the ministry of Young Adults at the bridge.


20 individuals volunteered within the YA ministry.

May Retreat

62 YAs attended our May retreat.


We had 14 social events this year (e.g. corn maze, cooking challenges, hikes, thrift store challenge, outdoor skating, sledding, etc).


We ran 6 YA LifeGroups this ministry year.


Our YA Superbowl event saw 55 participants.

Bible Studies

Went through 1 and 2 Timothy with 10-15 people attending


2 young adults were baptized this year.

Bridge Impact 2021-2022