God Is Faithful

The 2021–2022  Ministry Year Report

Welcome to the 2021–2022 Impact Report

When I came to the bridge, I had a daughter in Grade 3 and a son in Grade 11. Both the children’s ministry and the youth ministry were very important concerns within my own family at that time. Now, my kids have grown, and it’s their kids (my grandkids) who are accessing children’s and youth ministries in their respective parts of the world. I cannot think of a more worthy investment for a congregation than in its family ministries.

The 4Gs — Our Strategy

Our mission is to connect people to God, His church, and to their world in life-building, life-enhancing ways. Our vision is of transformed people impacting their world in Christ. Hover over each image to learn more about our 4Gs.

We Gather

When we gather, we get a big picture of God and see ourselves
in the context of that story. It brings clarity and an expanded
vision of God’s purposes.

We Group

LifeGroups are a great partner to the Gathering and are where the big church is made small. It's where we do life together.

We Give

Give is the outflow of our time, talent, and treasure. It is given out of the abundance God has given to us.

We Go

Going is the permeation of everything around us with the love of Jesus. Going is love in action. Going is engaging, being with, influencing, taking the initiative and being equipped to serve the world.

Bridge Impact 2021-2022