Pastor’s Update

Brian Childs

Lead Pastor

Welcome to the 2020-2021 Impact Report. This report covers a ministry year unlike any other. This has been a year of navigating protocols, hopes, expectations, and many challenges. But within this report, you will see that God has been faithful, the church has been devoted, and the world around us has been impacted.

This year we experienced some transition on our staff team. Earlier in the year, we communicated Pastor Samuel Mills’ transition to serving at Sanctus Church in Ajax and Pastor Karen Heppner’s retirement. We appreciate the leadership they both have brought to the church and their impact on the ministry of the bridge.


Karen continues to volunteer by leading our interior design team for the building project, and we are thankful for the gifts she brings to this team and our future building. Pastor Emily has since been giving leadership to our Discipleship Pathway, including LifeGroups and Volunteer Coordination. She is partnering with our new Connections Pastor, Bonnie Lam, as we connect and engage with those in our community, both online and in person. We also welcomed Rachel Boadway, our Office Coordinator, and Angharad Hatt, our Database Coordinator, this spring. Both have been a great addition to the administrative team in helping all of our ministries prepare for and administer our in-person gatherings.

The administrative team, led by Cynthia, took on a timely challenge of changing our CRM / database system this year. This allows us to utilize our resources more efficiently and effectively. It has also set us up to administer our registration and check-in processes from a COVID perspective for ministry gatherings and events.

This has been another year of navigating through COVID and all the government’s protocols. Thank you to our COVID team – Emily, Shauna and Cynthia, who has helped guide us through this pandemic, ensuring we follow all protocols to provide a safe environment for our gatherings and ministry events. They navigated us through the various lockdown and reopening stages and as we transitioned to another building.

This past year we transitioned out of our building on 5440 16th Ave. and temporarily into our office trailer and The Olive Branch Community Church. Who knew that when we helped them through their building transition over 15 years ago, they would now be helping us through our building project. TOB served as our temporary home while recording our online services and will continue to do so as we gather in person during the construction of our new building. Thank you to the facilities team and our volunteers who helped us prepare for construction and transition between buildings.

I would also like to appreciate each staff member for their determined focus and productivity, for being the team they are, and for how each key leader at the bridge has stepped up and stepped into the challenges at hand. We could not have been as impactful without the synergistic efforts of the Board, the staff, and all of our key leads and front-line workers. Thank you to all.
Despite and through the challenges, God has been great, the church has been devoted, and the world impacted. For this, we are most thankful.

This upcoming year will also be “a year like no other,” where we will continue to navigate through changes and challenges, but I have hope and truly believe that it will be one of our best years. Our mettle will be tested, but as we trust and follow Him in all things, it will be our testimony of how He never let us down. I look forward to and am excited for the year ahead.

Bridge Impact 2020-2021