Care Ministry

Anna Anandarajan

Care Ministries Pastor


prayer and care connections take place each week 

prayer partners regularly praying for requests sent through prayer prompts

prayer requests were sent out during this ministry year vs. 356 the previous year.

34 prayer partners on average met weekly at our online prayer gatherings. We averaged 4-20 prayer partners last year.

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays to pray for the ministries of the church and the needs of the church family.

More than

family units were blessed through Christmas Cheer in December 2020 (compared to 120 family units in 2019)

More than


worth of gifts were donated for Christmas Cheer
(compared to approx. $25,000 in 2019)

More than 150 meals were delivered to families who were going through challenging times (>120 in 2019)

There are five different teams and more than 70 Volunteers are currently serving in the six areas of Care Ministries

Prayer Connection

Care Connection


Christmas Cheer

Online Café

Seasonal Groups

Seasonal Groups

  • Grief Care (Fall & Winter)
  • Divorce Care (Fall & Winter)
  • Anger Management
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety / Emotional Healing
  • Total Money Makeover
  • The Marriage Course

plus people participated in Seasonal Groups during 2020/2021


of the people who attended Seasonal Groups were attending a group for the first time from our community.


More than 25% of the people who attended seasonal groups are now connected and enjoying our LifeGroups.

Stories of Impact

My family has received your Generous donation of food and gift cards for the past 5 years. I can’t tell you how much you help me out. I have a food cupboard that has been restocked every year with your donation. Tonight I made our full dinner with your help.

I use the gift cards throughout the year and the difference it makes in my budget takes a lot of my stress away. My mother once told me to never pray for money but pray for help with what I needed it for. I’ve never forgotten that and your gift cards have answered my prays many times.

Some of you may know what happened to Bob but for those who don’t, I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version.

Bob suffered a severe brain infection on May 6th, 2016. Our world stopped and was never the same again. This infection took his vision, his ability to walk and talk and a lot of his memory. I grieved for the husband I lost but I’ve always loved the man he is. I tell him every day he’s my favourite person in the world. I wish I could say every day was full of laughter and fun but that wouldn’t be true. I can say we laugh a lot more than we cry and we are very thankful for every day we have with Bob.

Bob is still a wonderful father to our 4 sons. His face lights up when they’re with him and not one day has passed in 5 years that at least one is not here to visit him. One of them comes every night just to bring him from the hospital bed to our bed. I’m so thankful for them.

We had planned on coming to your church last March break and bringing Bob with us but then the world changed for everyone. I had even bought him a new outfit with your gift cards.
Maybe this summer we’ll be able to come. I’ll have to buy a new summer outfit for him.😊

I know sometimes it’s nice to put a face to a name so I’m going to send a picture of Bob on Christmas Eve this year.

One day I will be in a position to make a donation to your group to help someone the way I’ve been helped.

Once again thank you and please know you’ve made a difference in our life.


I just wanted to reach out on behalf of our family to express our heartfelt gratitude for the meals that we received through the Meals Ministry at the Bridge. We feel very blessed and cared for. 

Meal recipient

Once again, thank you seasonal group team for your unconditional love and concern to take great care of me since the first day I met you. I am deeply impressed. Thank you very much !! 


Seasonal Group Attendee

I am very grateful for the course and the gentle spirits of both the leaders and participants


Seasonal Group Attendee

The facilitators of the groups were excellent hosts as well and very sensitive with their comments or responses to questions. They gave very honest answers, reflecting their own experiences. It made me aware of how so many others handled their loss and how it could help me understand why my wife was taken from me. It helped me to deal with feelings of regret, sadness, anger, etc. And it assured me that my beloved wife is in heaven and this gave me a measure of peace. The questions about the afterlife were especially well handled.

John V

Seasonal Group Attendee

The support group was so helpful. Community & support, sharing stories & experiences, knowing that we’re not alone on the divorce journey. I went from fearing a confrontation with my ex-spouse, to calmly & rationally talking to him. It’s been a year since divorce, so it helped me bring closure.

Seasonal Group Attendee

The non-judgmental support from others going through a similar situation. The connection I made with other participants and the help they offered from their own experience. It was really comforting to know other people completely understand the feelings and emotions tied to going through a divorce. It was also really inspiring to see others that had benefited from the Divorce Care program and to know it would positively impact me in a similar way.

Seasonal Group Attendee

Bridge Impact 2021-2022