Rod Cohen

Youth Pastor

Our Mission

We are all about building Christ-centered relationships with youth, with the hope to inspire them to grow in their faith in Jesus.

Our Vision

Youth who are inspired to courageously commit their lives to following Jesus—loving God and others—because they’ve experienced God’s love through us.

Our Vision

Youth who are inspired to courageously commit their lives to following Jesus—loving God and others—because they’ve experienced God’s love through us.

Last Year’s

The 2020-2021 Youth Ministry year was definitely a year of seeing what the Youth Leader Team was made of.

Friday Nights

Jr. High

youth on average

Sr. High

youth on average


youth on Friday Nights

124 youth attended bridge Youth’s Virtual Night at least once during the 2020-2021 ministry year.

Youth Ministry Launch

The Youth started off the year in a very unique way, with the first ever Drive Thru for Ministry Launch!

26 Virtual bridge Youth Nights

1 Youth Conference

5 Online Youth Socials

  • Where the youth had fun painting, strength training, cooking, baking, and completing virtual escape rooms!

1 incredible Drive-thru event

1 Ambitious Outdoor Christmas Event—with 66 youth who attended

1 Semi, Semi-Formal Online Graduation

  • where we celebrated 30 of our grade 8 and 12 grads

hours on Zoom and Countless hours connecting with the youth

Youth Volunteers

Youth leaders

Small group leaders

Youth Small Group Leaders

Stories of Impact

The youth team was great! They took the transition well and it was always a lot of fun. At first it was a little weird, but as time went on, I got used to things and so did everyone else because everything was pretty much fluent. I think one of my favourite moments was near the end of the year, when my small group raided Sean’s small group and because of that he created a kahoot question in my vain. I liked the boys vs girls games too, even though the girls would always cheat.

Gabe Abbruzzo

bridge youth , Teen

Last year was a weird year. Given the circumstances, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the year, but what can you do!? Nevertheless, I think Vibe and Fearless were the best they could be under those circumstances. And because of that I still have favourite moments, like when we played Household Scavenger Hunt and locked my brother Malcolm outside during the game. Ps. I’m so glad that we have returned back in person this year!

Marshall Maskery

bridge youth, Teen

Was it a hard year, yes, yes it was. But the devotion of the team to the youth and each other allowed us to make it work. When in doubt with the youth, just make them balance something on their face, from cookies to toilet paper, etc, to put a smile on their faces.

Peter Leung

bridge youth, Youth Leader

Youth online was the best of a bad situation. Leaders did everything to keep kids engaged and for the most part did very well. The ministry is now well set up to hold virtual nights as part of a normal routine or as a fun online option for events.

Sean Vandenburg

bridge youth, Youth Leader


Here are some prayer requests from the youth team for the new year of ministry.

  • The need for more leaders who are passionate about investing in the youth at the bridge.
  • For the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our youth leaders, students, and their families.
  • For the youth to feel the love from their leaders as they put in the hard work to continue to reach out and connect with them.
  • That God will guide us in this next year, and that we will be following Him, even in the midst of sudden changes in our plans.
  • That the youth ministry—its leaders and students—will be empowered and strengthen by the Holy Spirit in this season.
  • For the youth and their families, that God will send His Spirit to be in their homes empowering them to love first.
  • That God will continue to be the one leading and guiding the youth ministry.
  • For Holy Spirit-inspired creativity as the leaders continue to be intentional about planning for the ministry.
Bridge Impact 2021-2022