Hello bridge church,

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Kevin Aide and I am one of the board members here at the bridge church. I also have the pleasure of serving the church as the chairperson for the Building Expansion Project.

As I reflect back on the Impact Report that I presented in 2019, I am reminded that our plans and our timing are not always God’s plans and timing and that we have to trust in His Providence. I don’t think there has been a better example of this than 2020.

This time last year, we had expected that we’d be fully into the building expansion project; however, between delays with the city, which were further lengthened by COVID, this didn’t turn into reality. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re close.

After several back and forth submissions with the city over our site plans, we finally gained their endorsement in August. This was a major milestone since it involved the approval from various city departments and the region. The next step of this process is the site plan agreement which is a legal agreement between the bridge, the City of Markham and the Region of York, which sets out all the site plan conditions that we must adhere to as part of this project.

Concurrent to our site plan submissions to the city, our architect completed the drawings and specification documents required to start the tendering process for our project. All of the work we are doing for our project and all the supplies and materials, which are being purchased, are done so under an open and competitive bid process.

We now have pricing provided by the various construction trades and suppliers, which gives us more confidence as to what this project is going to cost. As many of you are aware, the unfortunate reality is that the final bill for our building is going to exceed what we had planned for. This is not what we hoped for, nor what we expected, but it is the reality we’re faced with. We recognize that the building is just a material structure; however, it serves the purposes of God through the ministries of this church. The building was designed very intentionally to reflect who we are and how we serve. The staff had an enormous impact on its design. This building will maximize our impact at this location—5440 16th Avenue—and it will serve God’s purposes well!

At our recent town hall meeting, we showed a 3D fly-through rendering of the new building. You can follow the link below to review this video and learn more about the various spaces, which we wish to bring to reality. A special thanks to Pastor Karen and her husband Ben for the script and the narration. One quick note on the video though: the colours, furniture, signage and other aesthetic items are the creative ideas of the architect, but don’t necessarily reflect what will be the final look. We have an interior design team working to define these aspects of the project.

Now, the only things holding us back from starting the project are: first, the need for congregation approval to indebt ourselves for the amount needed to cover the budget shortfall; and second, permitting from the city.

We believe that we’re close with the city on having the permits approved, thus allowing us to start the demolition. As a Board, we have put forth the motion to borrow the funds to permit us to fully fund this project. We are excited about this project, the impact it will have on the community of Markham and the kingdom of God. Our hope and our trust is that you, too, see this project’s value. We believe that this is an opportune time to build for the future. We see this development of our property as enabling us to minister to as many as 1800 people a week through our robust ministry schedule. It will be a multi-purpose, multi-generational building that will provide access to all people for years and years to come.

We are so appreciative of you for your ongoing thoughts, feedback, prayers, and support. Both the staff and the board are looking forward to journeying with you through a capital campaign in 2021 that will address the debt that will be incurred.

We have great days ahead!!

Bridge Impact 2019-2020