The Bridge Worship Collective is an overarching ministry that encompasses set design and build teams, production teams, creative videography teams, graphic design for sermon series, hosting and platform teams, and—yes—of course, our music teams, which Pastor Darius does a phenomenal job overseeing! We exist to facilitate encounters with God—moments in our day, our week, where our eyes are turned to Jesus, and we do this by using the beauty of art. I always say to our teams, “Where beauty is, God is present.” The beauty of the arts captivates and translates through different languages, genders, and generations. And let me tell you friends, God has been in our midst as we pray, plan and execute our Sunday gatherings and special services.

So, we kicked off September (remember September? Like, 2019 September?) in style as we launched into our Fall visioning series called “Connecting the Dots”. It was a great vision series that challenged and encouraged us to foster a healthy relationship with God, with ourselves, and with others. This was a great series with a beautiful set design, and that spanned us all the way into our “Greatest of All Time” Christmas series. We kicked off December with an awesome Kidzone Sunday, carried on through to our Ugly Christmas Sunday, and ended on an amazing 2-day 4-service Eve celebration that saw nearly 1700 come through our doors to worship and to celebrate.

Then, the year known as 2020 came upon us…and we were stoked!! We launched into “Life’s Healing Choices”; a timely series for us coming off the holidays. Our creative arts team designed, dreamt, stretched our ministry, and allowed for beautiful moments to capture our hearts and turn us toward Jesus. We sang, we recorded custom videos, we dialed in what we do with people who are passionate to serve…and then…March hit. I remember the Thursday night, as we were preparing for what was to be our regular band and tech rehearsal. We gathered in the auditorium with the staff that were at our church and a couple who were on the phone, and we decided to shut down out services due to the news coming out about the pandemic. And on the very next day, on Friday, we pivoted HARD and we started pre-recording our first worship set and, on Saturday, our very first sermon. Creative Arts had a game plan in the span of a short phone call with Pastor Brian and we executed right away to make sure we didn’t miss a Sunday of worship. And since that time, nearly 35 weeks ago, we’ve adjusted, tweaked, massaged, and SPRINTED over many months to make sure we have excellent, beautiful, weekly online gathering. From recording in the volunteer lounge, to moving to the main stage before the summer, and then finally to building a custom set on the floor of the auditorium that will house us through a building project; this past season has tested and tried our ability to create both quality and captivating, yet authentic and genuine, online content. And we’re excited to see our online reach grow as people come upon our services, fall in love with our staff and our people, our teams, and the message of Jesus, and are proud to share the content with their friends and family all over the country—and even all over the world! We have people now belonging to the bridge who have never had the opportunity to step inside our physical building. What a time we live in! And we didn’t plateau! No—we dreamed big and rebranded our entire Sunday experience coming into this fall, with a fresh new look, a very intentional cinematography and editing philosophy, and our teams have kept serving. As we tweak and adjust, we see more and more volunteers coming through our doors to serve with new tech that we install, and with each new element we create. It has been a wild and tiring ride…but we love it.

And in all that we’ve done, from weekly services to one-off custom song recordings, I am not exaggerating one bit when I say that NONE of this would be possible without a great partner in ministry. Not only do we vision and plan and compliment each other so well in our strengths and abilities, but we actually do kinda like each other!! So, take a moment and check out what Pastor Darius has to say about the music side of the Bridge Worship Collective.

Bridge Impact 2019-2020