The Worship Ministry exists to lead our church in exalting Jesus through music and we have been privileged to be able to continue to do that even within these current circumstances.

Before COVID, we were gathering together on Sunday mornings and facilitating times of worship, holding Thursday evening rehearsals with our teams, having auditions for our new members, and meetings for team nights to continue to grow as a team. But we have had to adjust. Gradually, as we understood our new normal, we accepted we would not physically be able to gather for Sunday services, team nights, or our Thursday rehearsals and we had to quickly pivot to pre-recording our services. We immediately started working on how this could be done to serve the church in the best way we could.

It was hard to see the opportunities we had while the initial restrictions were rolling out, but we started to bring in a very small team of volunteers to record our first services in the Volunteer Lounge and that team’s patience with us, as we figured things out, helped us to smooth out the process, so that we could continue to grow and refine the online services. Slowly, but surely, we were able to start bringing in our regular roster of team members to worship with us while still adhering to the province’s guidelines. In addition to all this, we’ve been able to onboard some new musicians and vocalists onto the team. I’m sure you’ve seen some of these friendly faces on the screen since March.

We have been able to live out the Worship Ministry’s purpose by facilitating and leading almost 35 pre-recorded worship services. That’s amazing! We’ve done this with the help of a dedicated group of volunteers who have been generous with their time and flexible with changing how things are done every few weeks. This couldn’t be done without them. Pastor Jeff has done an amazing job with dreaming and setting up and creating spaces for us to do what we need to do every single week. It has taken a lot of hard work on his end, especially being behind the camera, being behind-the-scenes editing the service almost every single week. We felt from the beginning that we’ve been producing and facilitating great things every week and our threshold for excellence has only grown.

It’s a completely difference experience for us and for the entire congregation having pre-recorded services, but our hope is that our church body and Markham as a whole are being touched, changed and filled with hope by what we’ve been able to give and produce. We can’t ask for more than that.

We’ve still been able to gather on Zoom for team nights and connect in that way. We’ve even had a guest speaker join us from the US. We’ve also been able to produce a few amazing projects to share with the church community, and have monthly live worship nights called “Abide” to provide a reflective time of worship. Our wonderful leadership team and worship leaders have done a phenomenal job to adjust their strengths to facilitate our times of worship each week while we are still introducing new songs and sets and we are still discussing new ways of improving what we do to best serve our church.

We are still revering God as the most important part of this ministry. We give our praise to Him. We are still joining together. Although it looks a bit different, we are continuously reaching out to our community for Jesus through music and the creative arts.

Bridge Impact 2019-2020