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Discipleship Ministry

Discipleship at the bridge is centred around our 4G growth path. As a church, we gather, group, give & go. Everything we do through Discipleship and Groups Ministry is meant to connect people to God, each other & the world. This is practically lived out through Group for Growth, Discover classes, baptism & membership.

Groups are the “engine” of discipleship. We believe groups are an important place to walk alongside each other to share, care, pray & learn.

We saw so many individuals growing in faith & community through intentionally leading people through our pathway!

Connections Ministry

This past year was different than it has been since March 2020, when we last gathered in person. We welcomed everyone back for the first time on October 3, 2021, in a different space as we waited for our new home to be completed. Through this ministry year, we connected with 54 new guests who took the initial first step with our Connections Team.

Our Sunday gatherings are where new and returning guests experience the welcome and warmth synonymous with the bridge! Our incredible Connections Team and Host Ministry Team made this possible. We continued to create that environment in person at our Sunday gatherings and online with our community who continued to join us each Sunday.

new guests through connections

new leaders over the ministry year

connections to new groups

Total of

LifeGroups ran this ministry year


new volunteers

LifeGroup Snapshot gives us an opportunity to get a taste of a LifeGroup. It is an opportunity to meet with a few others that are checking out group life and together experience some of what you might experience in a LifeGroup.

people attended LifeGroup Snapshot

People Taking
Next Steps

Over the year—whether in person or online—we had hundreds of people connect into next step opportunities, development sessions, volunteer opportunities and a variety of groups! It is such a joy to see people connect to the bridge, and grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other.  

We have an incredible Connections Team and Host Ministry Team that provides an incredibly warm and welcoming environment. When we transitioned to online, the experience looked different, but felt the same; a place where people can belong, find community and grow in greater depths. 

We also added two new foundational steps for people this year in our 4G discipleship pathway. “Serving Snapshot” was able to connect over 30 people to new serving opportunities, and our first Alpha had 35 people commit to the full 9-week group together! 



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