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LifeGroup Snapshot gives us an opportunity to get a “taste of” a LifeGroup. It is an opportunity to meet with a few others that are checking out group life and together experience some of what you might experience in a LifeGroup.

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LifeGroup Connect is an event held twice a year, which is your opportunity to get connected to a LifeGroup in your age and stage.

Launched Neighborhood Love

Groups participating in ways to love their community & neighbours

Stories of Impact

We have been part of a LifeGroup for 3 years now. As our group expanded, we took on the leadership role to lead our existing LifeGroup in the past year. Currently, our group consists of five families with a mix of couples and families with young children.

I remember wanting to serve in the church pre-pandemic but did not know where to start. I attended the workshop on exploring my spiritual gifts and finding an area to serve within the church. However I got pregnant soon after and had a newborn and life got busy. When I was ready to serve again, pandemic happened and we couldn’t attend church. I prayed and asked God how I could still serve and be a part of the church even if I could not physically attend.

Looking back, God really answered my prayer by putting me in this leadership position. Although nervous going into this role (unsure how virtual meet ups could work and if attendance would be a constant issue), it turned out to be rewarding in many ways. We developed a much closer relationship with members in our group and everyone prioritized lifegroup weekly despite being virtual. This was one group of people we consistently saw weekly and it made pandemic life felt less isolating. Previous to being a leader, I only knew people in my lifegroup. I got to meet other people in the church through clusters and it made me felt part of the church. I look forward to being able to meet in person with my group this coming year.

Vivien & Richard

LifeGroup Leaders

When I was asked to lead our existing LifeGroup, I was humbled and nervous at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I had what it took to be a LifeGroup leader. I hesitated at first not only because It’s a big responsibility, but also because life was busy with a toddler and a newborn on its way. However, I felt supported by the leadership team and our LifeGroup members so I decided to take on the role.

Looking back now, I am glad I took the role because it gave us an opportunity to serve and step outside of our comfort zone to grow. Despite the challenges during the pandemic, we are able to connect virtually online and have occasional outings. Knowing everyone in the group did certainly make this a much easier transition. It was also very encouraging to see everyone show up consistently and participate.

Throughout the year, we built deeper relationships with one another. Specifically, I felt so happy to be baptized with two other members of my LifeGroup. Being able to baptize together and having the presence and support of everyone in the life group is truly a wonderful experience. Our LifeGroup has welcomed a new family this year, and I look forward to having another great season ahead.


LifeGroup Leader

People Taking
Next Steps

Over the year—whether in person or online—we had hundreds of people connect into next step opportunities, development sessions, volunteer opportunities and a variety of groups! It is such a joy to see people connect to the bridge, and grow in their relationship with Jesus and each other.  

We have an incredible Connections Team and Host Ministry Team that provides an incredibly warm and welcoming environment. When we transitioned to online, the experience looked different, but felt the same; a place where people can belong, find community and grow in greater depths. 

We also added two new foundational steps for people this year in our 4G discipleship pathway. “Serving Snapshot” was able to connect over 30 people to new serving opportunities, and our first Alpha had 35 people commit to the full 9-week group together! 



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New Guest Connections Through Our Connections Team Online


We had 59 people take a next step just from connecting with our Connections Team. This doesn’t include the many others that connected through our outreach opportunities, announcements, social media and website communications. 

Online was no exception! We continue to see people connect with us and become part of our 4G discipleship pathway.


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Bridge Impact 2020-2021