Why we exist

We exist to communicate the events, initiatives and stories of the bridge to the community and the world using media, technology, and more.

Website Traffic

Total Website Visits

How Did They 
Find Us?

Our community finds us online in one or more of these four ways. 

  • Organic Search 48.15% 48.15%
  • Direct URL 37.5% 37.5%
  • Social Media 11.24% 11.24%
  • Referral 3.11% 3.11%

What devices did they use?

We live in a digital age where people are accessing our website in many different ways. Here’s a breakdown of what devices people are using to visit our website.

  • Mobile 57.86% 57.86%
  • Desktop 37.25% 37.25%
  • Tablet 4.89% 4.89%

Social Media

Social media continues to play a critical role in our outreach and communication strategy. We continuously produce content on all our social media platforms and have experienced massive growth during the 2019-2020 ministry year.


This is the main social hub where we’ve seen massive gains in followers and content engagement.

Total Followers

New Followers

Total Post Count

Total Post


This includes post likes, shares, comments and reactions.

Organic Reach

This is referring to the number of times people virally saw our content. So not through paid advertising.

Video Views

With our services moving online we have seen a huge uptick in views over the past ministry year. 


Instagram is our second social media platform. This past ministry year, we continued to see big gains in our engagement and following on the Instagram platform.

Total Followers

New Followers

Total Post Count

Total Post Engagement

Video Views


This is the main home for our new online services. This past year, we increased our following by almost 500 people. Check out the Bridge Worship page for more details on our services viewership.

Total Followers

New Followers

Total Watch Time (hours)

On Demand Views (Jan 18–Aug 31, 2020)

Live Views (Jan 18-Aug 31, 2020)

How are people watching our services?

All the various ways people have watched our services online.

  • Game Console 0.8% 0.8%
  • Tablet 8% 8%
  • TV 18.4% 18.4%
  • Computer 28.7% 28.7%
  • Mobile 43.9% 43.9%

the bridge Podast

Our weekly podcast is another place for you to listen to the Sunday message. We’ve seen a healthy level of people downloading and listening every week.

unique listens (from Sept 1 , 2019–Aug 31, 2020)

the bridge App

This past ministry year, we finally launch a mobile app that makes it easier than ever to get linked to all the activities and events happening at the bridge. If you haven’t downloaded our app yet, click the links below to download today.


Unique Users

Bridge Impact 2019-2020