Care Ministry


prayer and care connections take place each week 

prayer partners regularly praying for requests sent through prayer prompts

prayer requests were sent out during this ministry year

There are 5 different teams and more than 70 volunteers currently serving in the 6 areas of Care Ministries

Prayer Connection

Care Connection


Christmas Cheer

Online Café

Seasonal Groups

More than

family units were blessed through Christmas Cheer in December 2019 (compared to 80 family units in 2018)

More than


worth of gifts were donated for Christmas Cheer
(compared to approx. $22,000 in 2018)

80+ people participated in the 5 different online cafés offered between April and June 2020 to support people during the pandemic.

Seasonal Groups

  • Life’s Healing Choices
  • Grief Care
  • Divorce Care
  • Anger Management
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety / Emotional Healing
  • Total Money Makeover
  • Understanding Loneliness

plus people participated in Seasonal Groups during 2019/2020


of the people who attended Seasonal Groups were attending a group for the first time from our community.

Stories of Impact

Bridge Impact 2019-2020